Our mobile "Pitch Black Petals" featured in the september edition of BO BEDRE

Kinetic Mobiles Copenhagen

Next month our mobile "Pitch Black Petals" will be featured in the Danish interior magazine BO BEDRE.
Recently the Realdania foundation has completed a full restoration of the former residence of the famous Danish architect Poul Henningsen. Poul Henningsen build the house for him self and his family in 1937 and every detail has been given attention in the recent restoration. As an example the wall tapestry pictured below (originately designed by Poul Henningsens brother in law, the artist Albert Nauer) has been re-silkscreened and put up in the same report as it used to sit 80 years ago.
Next months issue of BO BEDRE will feature a full photo shoot from the house, styled by Camilla Tange, and our mobile "Pitch Black Petals" is featured in a shot hanging in front of the Albert Nauer tapestry over a gorgeaous Ole Wanscher daybed from Carl Hansen and Son. 
We are very proud to be featured in such fine surroundings – thanks a lot to Camilla Tange and BO BEDRE.

Pitch Black Waltzing Wonder featured in Poul Henningsens House

 Photo Kira Brandt