The Kinetic Mobiles Copenhagen project was brought to life in the summer of 2015.
The project sprung from an interest in the works of fine artists Alexander Calder (US), Ib Geertsen (DK) and Bruno Munari (IT). These three artists were addressing the kinetic sculpture from three very different angles. However their common interest was to create nonstatic "images" using the invisible movement of the air surrounding their hanging sculptures and to generate constant movement into the still born material, metal. We at Kinetic Mobiles Copenhagen share that interest, and we do our best to make the invisible movements of air sensible to the perceiver of our mobiles.

The mobiles from the Kinetic Mobiles Copenhagen project are all made from metal and all mobiles are handmade in a small local studio on the Copenhagen island of Amager. Each mobile is entirely made, balanced and painted by hand. Some of the mobiles are made to hang suspended from the ceiling and others rise from a heavy foot made from concrete. There are various mobiles for sale in the webshop and as a customer you are always welcome to visit the Kinetic Mobiles Copenhagen studio.

It is also possible for both private customers and companies to acquire custom made mobiles made to fit specific measures and rooms. Don’t hesitate to contact us.